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Bastanis Matterhorn - impedantie en fase standaard tweeterThe impedance shows that the Matterhorn is a friendly load for an amplifier. The 4 Ohm line is just under the 170 Hz region and the electrical phase shows also no problem and stays around 0 degrees. The phase angle moves, despite the simple crossover, in most of the frequency range between +10 degrees and -10 degrees. Only around at the port resonance the phase is roughly 28 degrees. The difference between the standard and the Gemini tweeters is small, as expected.


Bastanis Matterhorn - impedantie en fase Gemini tweeter

With the Gemini tweeter, the two lines of the high frequency range are even more flat.
All this indicates a greater advantage for amplifiers with a low damping factor, than you might expect at first glance. Due to its low impedance/phase characteristic, there is hardly any interference of the output voltage from the amplifier on the impedance curve. Especially with SE tube amplifiers or amplifiers with zero negative feedback.


How does Bastanis do this?

Bastanis Matterhorn crossover filter

Actually, this a very simple trick. Normally you’ll find a range of correction tricks/networks in loudspeaker filters. RC network on the speaker units, to even the increasing impedance. A RCL circuit to linearize the impedance hump in the mid area.
In the filter of Bastanis however, we see only a resistor of 12 Ohm in parallel to the terminals of the speaker system. Although this decreases the efficiency of the loudspeaker, this is no problem. The efficiency of the Bastanis is already far above that of an average speaker system. This resistor can be controlled with an on/off switch. Bastanis advises to bypass this resistor for party use of the speaker.  The resistor used in the crossover, is a relatively expensive type, which can not dissipate unlimited power.
This gives nice opportunity to measure the Matterhorn with and without the resistor in the filter circuit and show the effect of the resistor.

Bastanis Matterhorn - impedantie en fase standaard tweeter, filterschakelaar op 0

Then you will see a very different impedance ‘landscape’ with high mountains. What also is clear are the many panel and/or cone resonances due to the construction of the speaker and the use of a broadband woofer / midrange speaker with large cone area and tweeter which will take effect only in the highest frequency regions.
The bass port is tuned to 48 Hz. What seems quite high, given the large cabinet. But keep in mind that we are not dealing with a smooth cone, but a big stiff paper cone that is placed in the center of the chassis. The advantage lies in the much higher sensitivity or better, the high efficiency of the Bastanis Matterhorn.

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Over Marco Bouwer

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