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Misa Criolla

Misa Criolla

While digging through my music library, I found another very nice album, which I almost had forgotten.  It is classical music of composer Ariel Ramirez from Argentine: Misa Criolla.
Years ago I came across this recording on a classical compilation album. After listening a song of ‘Misa Criolla’, I immediately purchased the complete album. The recording, the space and the emotion of the music is phenomenal. If you play this album, you will listen to it all away to the end.
The Bastanis Matterhorn plays this album with ease. Large orchestral work and choirs are certainly devoted to this speaker, that is, if the quality of the recording is good.

Misa Criolla by Ramirez


Bastanis Matterhorn front

Reading my review you can tell I am very impressed by this Bastanis Matterhorn. Sound-wise, this speaker is more than successful. Its appearance is grand, but sleek and understated, no glitter and glamour at all. I suspect the Bastanis Matterhorn, despite its considerable size, will have the approval of most critical partners.

What is great about this speaker, is the fact that the Bastanis Matterhorn is available as DIY loudspeaker kit. For a very reasonable price you can build a set of these beautiful loudspeakers yourself. Robert Bastanis a also a very friendly man, who like’s to keep in contact contact with its customers for personal and technical advise.

If you purchase a set of Bastanis Matterhorn, you must choose an additional tweeter. The standard tweeter is good choice, but if you have the money, I’d opt for the Gemini tweeters. They are really worth the extra cost and lift the Matterhorn to a higher level.


Prices Bastanis Matterhorn:

Birch Design with standard tweeters: 4000 euro
Birch Design with Gemini tweeters: 4600 euro

Bastanis DIY Speaker kits (without cabinet)
(Including capacitors, internal wiring, speaker terminals, small parts)
15 “woofer + tweeter default: 1200 Euro
15 “woofer + tweeter Gemini: 1800 Euros

Readymade cabinet in birch plywood, rough sanded: 800 euros

Read here for the technical report of the Bastanis Matterhorn

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Over Marco Bouwer

Marco Bouwer is een ware luidspreker en platenspeler fanaat. Wanneer hij niet voor zijn luidsprekers zit, dan werkt hij wel aan een paar nieuwe. Onlangs heeft Marco de laatste hand gelegd aan een revolutionaire platenspeler arm.


  1. Godefroid zegt:

    I would like to know,where can one buy a pair of Bastanis Matterhorn MKII complete kit+tweeter Gemini
    Can you help me?

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