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I have a nice collection of hi-res recordings.  Most of them are purchased from HDtracks. With the  Matterhorn speaker you are able to experience the full potential of these high resolution recordings. Because the Matterhorn plays that easily on the 300B amp, it reveals the full dynamics of the recordings at all volume levels. I think, this speaker performs this well, mainly because of the lack of crossover components. On the other hand, less good recordings, often strongly loudness modulated, sound flat and emotionless. The Matterhorn is a speaker who mercilessly reveals everything. And that’s not only for the music or the recording quality. The Matterhorn is also very specific in your choice of amplification.

A Manley Stingray for the Matterhorn

Bastanis Matterhorn met Manley Stingray

In my second listening room (lucky me..), I use a Manley Stingray amplifier. The Manley Stingray is a powerful Push Pull amplifier based on 2 x 4 EL84 tubes. This Stingray is a wonderfully musical amplifier. I like it a lot.
However, a marriage with the Matterhorn far from ideal. The Matterhorn is so picky and precise, that the more solid and ‘rougher’ sound of the Manley is mercilessly exposed. After a while it becomes even a bit annoying. Ok, the sound is not that bad, but when you listen longer it gets a little boring and restless. The musical match, which I experience with the combination of the Matterhorn and the Triodedick Caesar II  amplifier, is missing.

White noise

The same happens when I connect the Matterhorn to an Exposure 3010S2 transistor amplifier. Besides that the Exposure generates a considerable amount of ‘white noise’, the combination with the Matterhorn  is far from satisfactory.
This so called ‘white noise’, is a disadvantage for a lot of transistor amplifiers.  I have owned many transistor amplifiers who produce a certain amount of ‘white noise’. These amplifiers are not suitable for a high-efficiency horn system like the Bastanis Matterhorn. Anyway, it’s worth a try, because there are also ‘noise free’ transistor amplifiers.

Enjoy factor at 10

When I replace the Exposure 3010s2 and the Manley Stingray for the Triodedick 300B amplifier in the set again, the music is back!
This speaker just needs a beautiful, low power, tube amplifier to really flourish. I suspect that with a well designed 2A3 amp, very good results can be achieved as well. Worth a try I would say, and if the music quality is also good, you can really get the most out of this speaker.
Good jazz from the 50s and 60s jazz as Miles Davis and Dick Hyman are engaging and full of warm sound. A pleasure to listen to. Evening filling music along with a nice glass of red wine and a good cigar.

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Over Marco Bouwer

Marco Bouwer is een ware luidspreker en platenspeler fanaat. Wanneer hij niet voor zijn luidsprekers zit, dan werkt hij wel aan een paar nieuwe. Onlangs heeft Marco de laatste hand gelegd aan een revolutionaire platenspeler arm.


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    I would like to know,where can one buy a pair of Bastanis Matterhorn MKII complete kit+tweeter Gemini
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