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Crossover or no crossover?

Bastanis Matterhorn inside

The overall quality of this Bastanis Matterhorn lies in the simplicity of this speaker. And that’s no different for the crossover. Bastanis has chosen to minimize filter components as much as possible. The only component in the crossover is a 1.5 uF capacitor in the signal path of the tweeter. The woofer has no filter components in the signal path at all.

Brown ‘cigar’  in the crossover?

Bastanis Matterhorn crossoverAs we look at the crossover, there is a long brown component to bee seen, what turned up to be a resistor of 12 Ohm. This resistor is made of silver / graphite in a bamboo enclosure. When we measured the Matterhorn with the Audio Precision, we discovered the function of this resistor.

What is that: a switch?


Bastanis-Matterhorn-loudspeakerterminalIndeed, there is also a small on/off switch on the back of the speaker terminals, in order to bypass this 12 Ohm resistor. The usability of this switch is for Hi-fi purpose a little disputable, but understandable. According to Robert Bastanis, when using a high power PA amplifier, at high volume, this resistor may get hot and at worst, burn out. In a situation where a PA amplifier is used, you can bypass this resistor with this switch. However, bypassing the resistor is not without any sonic consequence. Quite the contrary.

Impedance leveler

Bastanis Matterhorn crossover filterAs we measure the impedance gradient of the speaker, with and without resistor, the  function of this 12 ohm resistor becomes clear. The resistor levels the impedance peaks of and adds a uniform impedance gradient to the speaker design. Without resistor, we see an dramatic impedance gradient.

I have listened with and without bypassing the resistor. Without resistor, the sound is really terrible. Just leave the resistor in the signal path and enjoy your music. The measurement report and the technical explanation of Dick van de Merwe will make this more clear.

Listening to the Matterhorn

Bastanis Matterhorn

When I received The Matterhorn speaker, it was well played-in. In particular, a speaker with a large 15” woofer, with a paper cone, as used in this Matterhorn, can take a long time to ‘burn in’.
The Bastanis Matterhorn is a high efficient speaker and made for for amplifiers with low power. And what is better than a good 300B amp, like the Triodedick Caesar II?

With an efficiency of 100 dB/mtr, it is not likely that the Matterhorn speaker will have any problems with my 300B amplifier. Or is it the other way around?
No, this combination is very good. The low-end is very nice; warm sounding, fast and has a lot of drive.
I started listening with the combination of the Matterhorn and the standard tweeter.
The tweeter is very easy to connect to the Matterhorn. At the top of the cabinet there are two speaker terminals, so that the tweeter can be connected easily. Plug and play.

The tonal balance between high- and low frequency is very nice and fits together seamlessly. It gives the speaker a certain ease with playing music. No stress at all. The sound is captivating and precise. After a day or two, I replace the standard tweeter and changed it for the Gemini dipole tweeter. This Gemini tweeter, is about 600 euros more expensive than the standard tweeter. A lot of money. It better be worth it.

Well, that is a question you do not have to ask yourself. After the first minute of playing music, I know that the standard tweeter will be put away for the remaining testing period.
What a beautiful tweeter is this Gemini tweeter. Constructed as dipole, the Gemini tweeter adds a certain space and detail to the music, which the standard tweeter lacks. This Gemini tweeter does not play music it ‘sings‘ music. Please, don’t misunderstand me. The standard tweeter is a great tweeter, nothing wrong with it. But once you’ve heard and experienced the Gemini tweeter, there is no turning back. You’ve been warned!

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Over Marco Bouwer

Marco Bouwer is een ware luidspreker en platenspeler fanaat. Wanneer hij niet voor zijn luidsprekers zit, dan werkt hij wel aan een paar nieuwe. Onlangs heeft Marco de laatste hand gelegd aan een revolutionaire platenspeler arm.


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