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Construction of the Bastanis Matterhorn

Bastanis Matterhorn finish

The cabinet is constructed from 3 cm. thick, birch plywood. Birch is a very beautiful wood which is also very good to use as a top-finish. Another advantage is, that birch plywood is also relatively hard. This is in contrast to the similar looking poplar plywood, which is quite soft and is therefore not suitable for a top finish.
The downside of birch plywood is that it will easily deform. Most birch plywood panels, in the DIY store, are that much deformed, that they are not suitable for loudspeaker construction.

What is possible and I sometimes do, is to use the much softer poplar plywood and finish it  with a 4 mm. birch plywood. Poplar plywood resembles birch, is fine in texture and will not deforme easily. The PTP / Lenco L75 turntable that I’m building at the moment, is constructed in this way. In this next project on Audio-Creative, I will show exactly how to do that. The sidepanels of the Bastanis Matterhorn, show the well known plywood effect. Very nice indeed. The front of the Matterhorn is finished in a luxurious veneer. American walnut in my case. But other veneers are available on request. If you like just the natural birch finish,  that is possible too.

Build the Bastanis Matterhorn yourself!

The beauty of this speaker concept is, that Robert Bastanis offers The Matterhorn as a DIY loudspeaker kit. For less than one third of the commercial price, you can buy at Bastanis all parts to build this speaker yourself. If you see the drawings of the construction of the cabinet, it should not be a major problem to construct a pair of beautiful Matterhorn speakers yourself.  There are actually no special skills or tools needed, that is,  if you are a bit handy with the circular saw and a milling machine. The electrical part of the crossover is also very simple and can be done by anyone who is familiar with basic soldering.

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Over Marco Bouwer

Marco Bouwer is een ware luidspreker en platenspeler fanaat. Wanneer hij niet voor zijn luidsprekers zit, dan werkt hij wel aan een paar nieuwe. Onlangs heeft Marco de laatste hand gelegd aan een revolutionaire platenspeler arm.


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    I would like to know,where can one buy a pair of Bastanis Matterhorn MKII complete kit+tweeter Gemini
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