Metrum Acoustics Hex DAC

Na de positieve ervaringen met de Metrum Octave DAC ben ik aan de slag gegaan met grote broer ‘Hex’. Op hetzelfde principe gebouwd, maar in alles groter. Waar de Octave met acht parallel geschakelde DAC chips werkt, heeft de Hex er maar liefst zestien aan boord. Maar maakt dat de DAC ook echt beter dan de al zo fijne Octave?

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Diretta, the new digital egg of Columbus? (Eng)

Sometimes things can turn out strange. Something I’m not at all involved with, also hardly or not interested in appears on my doorstep. What should I do with it? So it was a little bit like that with the introduction to the adventure below. I asked for a power supply to see if a DAC I was working on at the time could be made more lively. But was at the same time unrequested and unintentionally pulled into a new brand-new audio adventure. The beginning of code name: Diretta. And what an adventure it turned out to be!

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