A beautiful loudspeaker, this Bastanis Matterhorn. And best of all, it is also available for the DIY loudspeakerbuilder. - Audio-Creative

Bastanis Matterhorn English version

A loudspeaker with a fancy Italian name, made in Germany …

Bastanis Matterhorn

Robert Bastanis is the ‘spiritual’ father of the Matterhorn speaker. Bastanis started about 12 years ago with the construction of open baffle speakers. His passion for loudspeakers is founded in his  love for music reproduction. Since then, Robert Bastanis is, averse to all marketing compromises, sailing its own course. Meanwhile, the open baffle speakers are complemented by a small loudspeaker line. These speakers are based on a horn cabinet for the low frequencies and are supplemented with a separate tweeter for the high frequencies.
All the Bastanis speakers are high efficient and are made for a ‘marriage’ with a low power (tube) amplifiers. The smallest Bastanis is the Little Big Fun and the largest, also the flagship speaker, is the Bastanis Matterhorn.

Attractive giant

The Bastanis speakers may not be well known by a large public, however, Bastanis loudspeakers are widely appreciated for those who may have listened to a set of Bastanis speakers. Whether the smaller ‘Little Big Fun’ or the ‘Matterhorn’, both are greatly appreciated. Now it’s my turn to listen for a few weeks to the flagship of Bastanis, the Matterhorn.Bastanis Matterhorn

The Bastanis Matterhorn is a big speaker, which you will not easily overlook. With a large 15 “(38.1 cm) woofer in the front, the Matterhorn is a real eye-catcher. Despite its size, it is by no means an eyesore. Ok, that’s my opinion, and of course, I am accustomed to large speakers. Even my wife liked the appearance of the Bastanis Matterhorn.

The Matterhorn is in essence a large cabinet with a 15 “woofer. The cabinet is constructed as a horn loudspeaker.  The woofer is placed just above the middle, in the center of the cabinet.
The paper cone of the 15 “woofer is treated by Robert Bastanis with an oil-based coating. After applying the oil, the speaker unit is dried at different temperatures. This creates a very rigid structure, allowing the woofer to play without breaking up at all. Bastanis has therefore opted for an almost crossover-less design with no components in the woofer crossover. Further on, I will discuss this, minimized, crossover in detail.


he Bastanis can be complemented with two different tweeters. The standard tweeter is a horn tweeter from a reputable brand, placed in a wooden cabinet. Which brand, I was not able to figure out. In this photo it is placed in a square wooden enclosure.
Bastanis Matterhorn standard tweeterBastanis Matterhorn standaard tweeter achterzijde (1 of 1)

It is also possible to purchase the Matterhorn with the, top of the line, “Gemini” tweeters.
The Gemini tweeter is constructed as a dipole tweeter, which is constructed by Bastanis himself. The Gemini tweeter has a phenolic resin coating treated membrane and is therefore virtually free of resonances. The Gemini frequency range extends to 20 kHz. Both the standard, as the Gemini tweeter are placed on top of the cabinet. Simple but effective.

Bastanis Matterhorn Gemini frontBastanis Matterhorn Gemini tweeter back


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  • A beautiful loudspeaker, this Bastanis Matterhorn. And best of all, it is also available for the DIY… High Fidelity

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    A beautiful loudspeaker, this Bastanis Matterhorn. And best of all, it is also available for the DIY loudspeakerbuilder. – Audio-Creative

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